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Beetles Kill George Harrison Tree

A memorial tree planted in LA in memory of Beatles member George Harrison has died thanks to an infestation of beetles.


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Lucy Is In The Sky With Diamonds

The little girl who inspired John Lennon to pen “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” has died of the autoimmune disease lupus. Despite many fans believing the song was about LSD, it was really inspired by his young son Julian’s classmate Lucy O’Donnell. Julian had drawn a picture of her at school and when he took it home he told his dad it was”Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”. Lucy O’Donnell (Vodden) was 46 years old.


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The Worst Version of “Let It Be” Ever

Heavens to mergatroid, a big fat Russian dude in a sailor suit (complete with manboobs) singing the Beatles classic Let It Be, becomes a Youtube hit, go figure. Can someone please bring down the iron curtain! I am pretty sure I can smell vodka on his breath. It might even be a 1970’s “Ruskies Have Talent” show.


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