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Leave It To Beaver

A very embarrassed beaver got its butt stuck in a fence and had to wait until the Hamilton Animal Services rocked up with soap. He is now resting up in rehab. The Hamilton Animal Services manager response ….”We believe that no beaver should be left behind.”

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Flying Beavers

Look away PETA, look away. Evidently in the 1940s the best way to relocate a beaver was to airlift and parachute them into their new home. That’s right folks…parachuting beavers. Hmm, Mr Beaver is like WTF?

PSST I’m not sure if “mountain meadows” is code for …. to their deaths.

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Beware The Beaver

If you think beavers are just cute , dam making, semi aquatic rodents, you are sorely mistaken. They are vicious,  man killing machines. Well, they are in Belarus. Some poor dude was simply trying to take a photo of a beaver while he was fishing with mates when he was pounced upon by the buck toothed beast and then bitten on the thigh. The bite was hard enough to sever a main artery and now the man’s dead. How awkward is that funeral going to be?


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Leave it To Beaver

A 51 year old Boy Scout leader from New York who was attacked by a rabid beaver (no, not one of NY housewives, silly!) while swimming in the Delaware River. How unlucky was that? Evidently the vicious little thing swam through the man’s legs and bit him in the chest, leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso (ouch!) before he managed to grab the beaver and hold its mouth shut.  He then chucked it on shore where it was stoned to death by the scouts. A vet later confirmed it had rabies.


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Leave It To Beaver

Barry really wanted to be a ballet dancer

Some dumbassed beaver who can’t build a dam for Jack has been blamed for flooding a highway in Ottawa. Yes, his poorly constructed wall collapsed leaving the road covered in 10cm of water and closed for over three hours. Sheez, shame on you beaver, what a disgrace!


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