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Flying Beavers

Look away PETA, look away. Evidently in the 1940s the best way to relocate a beaver was to airlift and parachute them into their new home. That’s right folks…parachuting beavers. Hmm, Mr Beaver is like WTF?

PSST I’m not sure if “mountain meadows” is code for …. to their deaths.

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Beaver Blamed For Train Derailment

Oh crap!

Oh crap!

Dagnabbit them beavers are a damn nuisance. Authorities are shaking their heads at a busy little beaver they believed was behind a train derailment in Ottawa which caused two locomotives and 6 railcars to come off the tracks. It seems three beaver dams collapsed simultaneously sending a 3.5 metre high wall of water across the tracks damaging a section. One of the locomotives rolled into the Ottawa River resulting in over 20,000 litres of diesel fuel spilling into the capital’s main drinking water supply.Whoops!


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