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Chicago and The Big Itch

hairIt’s official Chicago is the number one city for bedbugs. Take a bow. Oh and quit the sniggering Los Angeles, Columbus (Ohio), Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland/Akron/Canton, Dayton, Washington D.C., Denver and Indianapolis you are all in the top ten. Happy scratching Bearman.


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Bed Bug Fail

Man set house on fire trying to kill bed bugsI hear ya mister. A guy in New Jersey set his  house on fire trying to rid it of bed bugs. Seems the combination of using  a space heater, a hair dryer and a heat gun to annihilate the little buggers doesn’t work, repeat, DOES NOT work.


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Friggin Bed Bugs

Hey, quit it, that tickles....

Hey, quit it, that tickles….

How do you know when you have a serious bedbug problem? When you can scrape a spoon across your couch and scoop up “living and dead bed bugs, their shells, and egg sacks”. Oh dear god, get the hell out of there people!!!! Seems the Sendero Ridge Apartments in Mesa are infested with the creepy crawlies. One family, who couldn’t take it anymore, fled but left everything behind in fear the nasty little biters would follow them. Another family said they have already thrown out 10 couches. Is it just me, or are you scratching?


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Top Ten Bed Bug Cities of America

OK loons, I know you are itching to know ……

10. Richmond/Petersburg
09. New York
08. Washington DC
07. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
06. Columbus, Ohio
05. Los Angeles
04. Denver
03. Detroit
02. Chicago

and drum roll please, the top bed bug city in all of the US is CINCINNATI.

Sorry IzaakMak 😦


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