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Hitler’s Bedsheet Anyone?

Not the sheets!!!

Hey Loons, get your pocket money out, Hitler’s bed sheets are up for auction. Oooh, imagine rolling around in that Nazi linen? A single white bedsheet and pillowcase embroidered with swastikas and Adolph’s initials could be yours for around  £3000. Seems Hitler’s trusty housekeeper Anni Winter removed a lot of Hitler’s personal items after he and Eva commited soup pudding in the bunker and the items are  now resurfacing around auction houses in Europe. Hmm, I have my doubts Adolph ever slept in a single bed, unless of course Eva kicked him out for snoring. Anywho, anyone who doesn’t fear bad karma can bid next week in Bristol.

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Dirty Laundry

Pot calling the kettle!

Oh dear god look away Madhatters, a recent UK study revealed half a million Brits only wash their sheets three times a year, with Londoners and under 25s being the worst culprits. Urgh and here is  useless fact for you, got a two year old pillow? Well 10% of it’s weight is comprised of dead skin and dust mites. Sweet dreams. Oh and recommended sheet change? At least once a week people, at least once a week.


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