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Honey, Are You Sure It’s Not A Weed?

Oh bless. An elderly couple, who had loving nurtured a plant they bought at a flea market, have avoided arrest after police described it as the “biggest cannabis plant we had seen”. The couple, who had no idea what they had bought, planted it outside their Bedford home in England and watched it grow.

but is looks so pretty


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Ain’t Love Grand

Ok, here’s the thing 28 year old woman, bashing your 77 year old boyfriend with his cane is just wrong. William Herchenrider was found lying on the bedroom floor covered in blood with his girlfriend Kristina  Pongracz lying passed out next to him. It is alleged Ms Pongracz whacked him with his walking cane after a drunken tiff.  Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. He is recovering with severe injuries in hospital and she is probably nursing a hangover at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail in Bedford, Virginia.

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