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Living Next Door To Gordon

OMG, a man who had secretly placed a webcam in his neighbor’s bedroom later confessed to the terrified woman  ‘I’m sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry. I know I have a problem. I haven’t done this in a really long time.’ Hmm, WTF, he’s done it before? Everybody panic!!! When Nicole Bernard discovered the cam and realized she was being watched by some unknown, she fled her Colorado home and slept in the car.When she returned the following morning she told police her neighbor, Gordon Schumacher, was at her front door. She said he just stood there shaking and then said ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was me,’. He then went on to confess he was a little rusty at it because he hadn’t done it for awhile. Dear god there goes the neighborhood!


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Honey, Can You Mow The Lawn

Oh shit!!!!

The moral of the story is never work on your lawnmower in the house. A Missouri man told firefighters he was smoking a ciggie while working on his lawnmower in a bedroom when… kaboom. The explosion sparked a fire that engulfed his home.

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