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Climb Every Mountain

Hate you neighbor? Well, spare a thought for these poor friggin tenants. Some professor decided to turn the top of a building in Beijing into a mountain by carting tonnes of rocks onto the roof. No, Professor Zhang Lin did not get approval.Now neighbors are concerned the building will collapse under the weight. They have already suffered flooding and cracking to walls thanks to the mountain garden and the humongous pile of rubble. Hmm, a couple of mountain goats and his work here is done.

Professor builds mountain on top of building


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Breast Implant Explosion

Woman's breast implants ruptureJust a little word of warning for women with breast implants. It seems spending four hours on your stomach playing a game on your cell phone can cause them to explode. Just ask the Beijing woman. But on the bright side she can now finish the game without the fear of kaboobing (see what I did there?).

Psst I bet she was playing friggin Candy Crush!!!


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Kim Jong-Um DEAD????

The rumors of King Jong Um’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Damn you Twitter. For a few hours rumors were tweeting that North Korea’s new dictator leader, Kim Jong Um had been assassinated in Beijing. Seems it was a case of Chinese whispers, he’s still live and kicking. Move on nothing to see here!!!!

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Free Child Care For Chained Child

Quirky China News/Rex Features

Remember this little tyke chained and padlocked to a post on the streets of Beijing while his papa went off in search of work? No? Well half the world freaked. But it later emerged the father had no other option but to chain his two year old son Jingdan to the post because he had already lost his 4 year old daughter (fear abducted) in January. Poverty has a way of making people creative with options and for Chuanliu he had no other one. His wife is ill , he needs work and there is no one to take care of his kid. As for his missing daughter Jinghong, the family were too poor to even have a photo of her so police have little if anything to go on. Life sucks. OK, now since the story broke the president of the Aibei Kindergarten, Mr Pi, has kindly offered to personally pay for Jingdan to have three years free child care. All hail Mr Pi.


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Hope Floats

Good luck with that!

Good luck with that!

Bored much?  Chinese farmer Tao Xiangli from Beijing has built himself a 6.5 long working submarine. It took him 18 months to complete and on his maiden voyage he managed to stay down at the bottom of his local river for 5 minutes.What makes his feat even more bizarre is, he only had a primary school education and didn’t seek any expert advice on building it. He found most of the parts at flea markets, with the body made out of oil drums and the periscope from an old camera. Hmm, you never know Russia may want to have a chat with you!

Psst I guess the big test is taking it out into the open sea!


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