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Sweet Lord

Dont even think about it for Easter!

Dont even think about it for Easter!

There are some things that are just simply wrong, baby Jesus piñatas, Pope soap on a rope and chocolate Jesus’. Whacking, washing or chomping on a religious figure is just kinda creepy.But Berlin businessman Frank Oynhausen, who has just set up the “Sweet Lord” chocolate Jesus-making business, says he wants to restore some traditional religious values to Christmas in Germany. Oh yeah, nothing says Christmas like a milk chocolate Jesus. Mr Oynhausen said “I started thinking about how I could reintroduce traditional religious values into this commercial world,”. Doesn’t that sound wrong to you? If he wants traditional religious values to be restored selling choccy Lords for a profit ain’t the answer (that is commercialism). Being too harsh? Hmm. So what, pray tell are the church associations saying about it “It is terrible that Jesus is being wrapped up in gold foil and sold along with chocolate bunnies, edible penguins and lollipops,”. The Protestant Church call it “tasteless” and the Catholic Church, well, they aren’t amused either (no surprise there). Good luck with your traditional religious values Frank. Gosh at least nobody has complained that they are milk chocolate instead of white yet! Click here to visit Sweet Lord website.

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