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Canadian Psycho Caught

The elusive Luka Magnotta has been captured in Berlin.


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Bad, Bad Santa

My Bad?

Attention women in Berlin, be on the lookout for date rape Santa. He’s dressed in red outfit and wearing white beard but has a tendency to spike drinks with liquid ecstacy.


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While The Owners Away The Vibrator Will Play

Berlin police were called to an apartment after a neighbor complained that someone was using an electric drill in the middle of the night and was driving them friggin crazy. When police arrived they could hear the noise out on the street and decided to break down the door. When they entered the apartment they found  a vibrator jiggling across the floor.Awkward. Evidently the owner of the vibrator was away on holidays.


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You’re Knuts!


Remember Knut, the polar bear rejected by it’s mom and raised by a zookeeper at a Berlin zoo? Well a animal rights activist claims it really is nuts. Too much human interaction has resulted in it developing behavioral problems, like imitating people taking photos with its paws. Sheez, now that is friggin psycho! Earlier this year PETA called for the poor friggin bear to be castrated so it wouldn’t breed with Gianna (his life partner) because they share a bloodline.

Psst So the other option is let it go back into the wild and be clubbed or shot?

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Watch Where You’re Going Stupid Blind Bear

Watch as the mascot for the IAAF World Track & Field Championships crashes into a cart while carrying Jamaican Melaine Walker, the 400m hurdle world champion, on his back.

Psst Rumors are it was Lashinda Demus’s dad in the bear suit! Kidding!!! But did anyone see Caster?

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Lucy in the Sky with Chocolates

Man, what's up with the people here?

Dude, what's up with the people here?

Like kids in a candy store, druggies and clubbers have been flocking to trendy Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin to lick on a marijuana lollipops and chomp on magic mushroom chocolates. The 23 year old owner set up the sweet store in the middle of one of Berlin’s busiest nightclub areas ( like that wouldn’t friggin stick out). So I guess the police knew exactly where to go after arresting far too many fat drug takers. The owner was taken way on suspicion of drug-dealing after they found a whole lot of goodies, oh, and chocolate too. Customers will have to deal with drug and chocolate addiction now!

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