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Whoopsie Daisy



OK, no laughing people, it could have really hurt. Police Officer Ryan Venno was perched on the Snow Road bridge in Berrien Springs, revenue hunting working a speed trap, when he kinda fell off and landed slap, bang , near US 31 Bypass. Evidently Venno had found a you beaut spot on the ledge of the bridge in which to use his radar gun (oh and where cars couldn’t see him). Hmm but while maneuvering himself into a comfy position he fell, bounced off another ledge before falling another 23ft. As no other officer noticed his plunge, Venno had to call it in to Berrien County dispatch (embarrassing). Officer Venno is now nursing a fractured leg. Hmm, no word on if there was any damage to the speed gun!

Psst To all the eBayers or souvenir hunters, evidently remains of Venno’s pant leg and sock are still under the bridge unclaimed.


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