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cricketWhat we have all learnt from this year’s US presidential election is to never, ever make a bet. Just ask Sam Wang, founder of the Princeton Election Consortium, who promised to eat a bug if Trump received more that 240 electoral votes. Silly man. I am personally owed 2 lunches for the suckers who thought Hillary was a romp in. Now, now before you all go hate on me, I wasn’t hoping for a Trump win, just loving the reaction I got when I said he was going to win.


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Cool Hand Luke Fail

Man dies eating 28 raw eggsA Tunisian man died after swallowing 28 raw eggs in one go. The 20 year old had made a bet with his mate but after downing the eggs he began experiencing stomach pains and died on the way to the hospital. Should have boiled them.


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A Friggin Snake Dare

On the count of three...

Oh for goodness sakes, how many times do I have to tell you, swallowing a highly poisonous snake for $2 is gonna get you a whole lot of porcelain hugging. Zaver Rathod from India killed the nasty little reptile after it bit his friend but was then dared to eat it for 100 rupee. Never one to turn down a bet he ate the friggin thing raw. Enter severe vomiting.Lucky for Mr Rathod doctors were able to remove the entire contents of his stomach before the venom could seep into his bloodstream and kill him stone dead.


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World Cup’s Biggest Loser

OMG, while Paul the friggin psychic octopus basks in his friggin prediction glory, a British man is wondering where the hell it all went wrong after he placed the biggest World Cup bet in history, a half a million pounds, on Germany beating Spain.

Psst Well look on the bright side, you have broken two records, biggest bet, biggest loser! It’s all good!


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