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One Legged Yeti?

A trekker in Bhutan believes he has stumbled across Yeti footprints. OK loons, hands up who thinks that Yeti must have been hopping?



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Monk Charged With Smoking

Smoking.....and you?

Whatever you do DON’T SMOKE in Bhutan. A Buddhist monk has become the first person to be charged with smoking, under the country’s new strict anti smoking laws. That’s five years right there monk! The weeny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is on a mission to make their nation smoke free, believing it to be bad karma. In 2005 the sale of tobacco was totally banned, however people are allowed to import up to 200 cigs a month as long as they smoke them in private. Unfortunately the monk was caught with 72 packets of chewing tobacco.

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For the love of “Gross National Happiness”

I don't want to be a flag , damn you!

I don't want to be a flag , damn you!

OK , here’s a predicament from hell, the Bhutan government want their citizens to stop cutting down the friggin trees to make their prayer flags, but the Buddhists say no, because if they do, the dearly departed could be in all sorts of trouble in the afterlife. Evidently the prayer flags are designed to catch the wind and then carry positive vibrations, along with the dead spirit, to the afterlife (or something along that lines!). Each dead person requires about 108 flags. Anywho, the Bhutan government’s constitution emphasizes that “Gross National Happiness” is more important then “Gross domestic Product” so they are desperately trying to find an acceptable alternative because, if the Himalayan Buddhist continue their traditional ways, there will be no friggin forests for anyone’s life here or over there.  Steel substitute poles were given the big flick, as was the recycling of prayer flags. Seems re-used poles can be seen as a lazy assed effort by the living and thus could compromise the dead person’s journey! The government have their fingers crossed that the monks will be happy with a bamboo substitute.

Psst Between 2007 and 2008 over 60,000 trees were felled in Bhutan to make the poles.


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