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Friggin Bigfoot Now !

First there was the Montauk Monster rocking up on the shores of New York’s Long Island uninvited, looking all weird , like some bloated dead dog with a beak. It instantly had the animal community and the world in a tizz. Now it seems they have a friggin Bigfoot in a box. When will it stop? Yep, a dead Bigfoot is said to be on ice after Bigfoot hunters discovered it, in all places, Georgia. I am certainly hoping they didn’t shoot the creature, because PETA will be none too happy. The big, red headed, beast will be DNA tested and a press conference is planned for the 15th August. Damn that is tomorrow. Certainly hope it is hoax because I don’t want these friggin creatures rocking up at my window at night!

UPDATE : As suspected Bigfoot is a hoax or the US government want us to believe it is. Last I heard Bigfoot (and the freezer) were being placed in storage next to little green alien in Area 51 !

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Yeti Found

Ok, breaking news is, a group of documentary makers have discovered enormous footprints near a river in the Himalayas. The footprints are reportedly huge and they are pouring plaster of paris as we speak. Now, I am open to the possibilities that creatures such as the Loch Ness Monster, Nannup Tiger and drop bears could have miraculously avoided detection for years BUT when a film crew goes out to make a documentary on the Yeti and happens to come across footprints, you have to wonder …SET UP… I am just hoping if it is true and the Yeti is found, that they discover two of them, because it must be awfully lonely being hairy, ugly and enormous without a mate to empathize with.

UPDATE : Well, well, well, guess where Friggin Bigfoot has been hanging for all these years, Georgia! Seems a group have found a dead Bigfoot. I suggest they check for missing basketball players before they make such outlandish statements. So, the story so far is Bigfoot is in a box in an undisclosed location and will be revealed during a press conference on the 15th August (can’t wait). For all you girls out there, he is 7ft tall, red hair, 500lb and walks upright. Ok , skeptics to the right . My bet it is D.B. Cooper (Steve Fossett is too short)!

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