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Hells Angels Fight Over Coffee

A fight over which motorcycle gang was allowed to hang out at an LA Starbucks has lead to the worse biker turf war in years, leaving several men dead.It all started last year when the Hells Angels and rivals the Vagos rumbled over who would be sipping their pumpkin spice lattes at a “premium” downtown Starbucks. The tiff later developed into murder and mayhem across three states leaving several bikies dead, wounded or missing. Police fear this will end up as a full milk mocha frappe melee. Hmm, maybe they should all have some decaf?

Psst In my day, real motorcycle gangs hung out at pubs not friggin  franchised coffee shops, gosh!


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90 is the New 20

Pick the biker?

Life can get pretty boring at a nursing home but not if you are living at Bethsda. Seven women and a guy , aged between 65-97, decided to let their hair down and hang out at  the  “Evil Olive” bar, a local bikers joint, for the night. The Bethesda residents had often driven past the bar during their day trips and wondered what went on inside. Eventually Elizabeth Barrett (68) plucked up enough courage to ask the Life Enrichment Director, Ruth Werstler, if they could go and hang out there one evening. Next thing they knew hairstylists, make-up artists, a professional costumer and a tattoo artist from Artreach rocked up the the retirement center to make them look like a real biker gang. Well, they couldn’t have them looking like old ducks out of water, now could they?

All dolled up, they were ready to party. One of the grannies who was a tad overweight and in a wheelchair was disappointed to discover when they arrived there were stairs at the entrance, but before she could say bippity boppity boo she was being lifted up, wheelchair and all, by a group of burly bikers and carried into the club.Inside they were greeted by over 100 bikers (including members of the Latino American Motorcycle Association and Chicago’s Chapter of A.B.A.T.E.) and patrons who spent the night chatting, drinking and dancing with them. One of the ladies (97), was seen at the bar downing a few dirty martinis.  By the end of the night they had managed to extract $250 from the bikers to go towards a  touch screen computer system for their retirement home and a promise to visit them when it was a bit warmer to take them all for a spin on their bikes.  The club was so enamored by the sprightly group they are planning to arrange another night out for them. Good on you boys!


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What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate!

Whoopsie, I meant friggin gang colors people, gangs! Manny Kusturiss, the owner of the Inn Lounge in Florida, was getting so pissed with bikers making trouble in his bar he hung a sign in the window saying “Stop, Absolutely No Color’s”. Hmm, now the blacks hate him too! Epic fail fool!


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