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Change For A Million ?

OK,  here’s the thing man from North Carolina, make sure when you are using a fake bill at Walmart, it isn’t a million dollar note because the US mint don’t print such a thing. Hmm, and besides, who has friggin change. Michael Anthony Fuller spent $476 worth of goods before handing over the Walmart cashier the phony $1 million bill, they in turn called the cops and he was promptly arrested.

Psst Note to future forgers, the US mint stop printing anything larger than$100 in 1969.


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What a Wonderful Life

The Loon is doing a big shout out to one of my regulars, Bill. He has the most amazing blog full of fascinating stories about his naval adventures. It truly is a treasure trove of history told first hand. I encourage all the loons to do a drive-by. What a gem. Click here at Deyank.


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