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Billboard Fail

Halifax motorists have been left a tad confused about a billboard which supposedly is advertising a Women’s Wall of Honour but features three men in business suits. The university is defending the billboard by claiming they are targeting the demographic most likely to donate to the project …men.

Halifax bilboard fail


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Friggin Billboards

Seems some people in Chicago have a prob with the new Urban Core billboard featuring a retired porn star.

Blow Job billboard upsets


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Mucus Get Well Card

I took a shot of this billboard while waiting for a train in a Sydney underground station. I’m not sure about you but I don’t think I will be sending a get well, hope your mucus clears up card to anyone, anytime soon. Just saying.

Psst Mucus is a very unattractive word!!!!

Bisolvon Got Mucus billboard


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True Love

Bless, and we all thought he was a gold digging scoundrel. Prince Frederic von Anhalt has forked out $68,000 of Zsa Zsa’s his hard earned cash to have a billboard erected in Hollywood to advertise their 25th wedding anniversary. Sadly, Zsa Zsa is bedridden and probably want get a chance to see the loving gesture.


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Naked Man On Billboard

Sheez and people say nothing ever exciting happens in Perth ….

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Pretty In Pink

OK, here’s the thing Italian advertising agency, making a fashion ad featuring Hitler in friggin pink, with a heart armband instead of the swastika, is only gonna get you  grief. Duh! The giant poster which was placed on a billboard in Palermo, Sicily, has enraged the locals. The agency defended their work by saying the caption “Change Your Style. Don’t Follow Your Leader.” was intended to ridicule the Nazi dictator not “minimize his crimes”. Hmm, not according to the local association of partisans who said  it is offensive, especially to everyone who fought against fascism and should be removed immediately. Oh crap, if they hated that billboard wait until next month when it’s replaced with Mao, China’s communist dictator!


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Miss Me Yet ?

Oh those folk in Wyoming, Minnesota sure do have a sense of humor. A group of small business owners from rural Minnesota have all chipped in to erect a billboard featuring George W and the words “Miss me yet?”. Evidently they are none too happy about the way things are going in Washington. Take a friggin ticket!


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Stop Vegetable Abuse

Friggin dill pickle!

Well I’ll be, seems some Texans have got themselves in a pickle over a cucumber billboard. What appears to be an innocent billboard ad was actually put up by Condoms to Go and Sara’s Secret who both sell adult sex toys and the like.The whole “stop vegetable abuse” is aimed at tying to get people to use alternative devices besides vegetables and fruit.
Wanna see their TV commercial?


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Epic Billboard Fail

Oh crap, epic billboard fail. OMG look what can happen when you don’t pay attention to your breaking news tweets posted on your electric billboard. WPMI-TV Alabama that is priceless!


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