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Holy Grail of Western Americana

You go to an antique store and you see a 1870s tintype photo you quite like, so you hand over your two bucks and head off home. Later as you carefully scour your purchase and think…sheez, those people in the photo could be… nah….. could they? Well, they were. The $2 photo shows Billy the Kid and members of his gang playing croquet at a friend’s wedding. The $2 photo is now estimated to be worth $5 million and is considered to be the “Holy Grail of Western Americana”.

PSST I’m wondering if that was his favourite cardy?

Want source with that?


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Pardon Me

OK, stop the presses, Billy the Kid will not be getting a pardon, I repeat, Billy the Kid will not be getting a pardon. Oh for crying out loud people, the friggin outlaw’s been dead for 130 years, get over it, move on, nothing to see here.  Evidently Billy was promised a pardon by the then governor Lew Wallace if he testify in front of a grand jury about a killing but it never happened. This whole who-ha was reopened after Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico decided to investigate the promise. Hello, the friggin outlaw killed a shit load of people. Pardon my ass!


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Billy Don’t Be A Hero

My bad?

OK, here’s the thing Billy the kid, if you stand in the middle of the road and block traffic you are going to get your sorry ass arrested. Bremen police in Germany didn’t hesitate in arresting the nuisance goat for disrupting traffic and throwing it in jail. No one has yet stepped forward to claim the wayward animal but that could be something to do with the fact it “smells very bad” (Hey, I didn’t write the police report!). So far the goat is quite happy with bread and water.


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