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That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

Brits fined for playing bingo for biscuits in PortugalWord of warning to anyone planning to play bingo for biscuits while holidaying in Portugal. That’s illegal gambling right there. Portugal police swooped on a group of British ex pats and bundled them into three police vans because they were playing bingo for cookies at a bar. They were all fined over $1000 and the landlady received a 4 months suspended prison sentence. Oh wait, there’s more. The people in the bar , who were not participating in the game, also received a fine for “witnessing illegal gambling”.

Want crumbs with that?


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Bingo Bungle

Whatever you do,  don’t ever shout out “Bingo” at the Mary Mother of Hope parish hall in Pittsburgh if you don’t really have the winning card or they WILL hunt you down, I swear. Some guy collected the $400 jackpot  after calling out bingo and was handed the cash before the card was properly checked. By the time they realised they had been fooled the guy had skedaddled … but not for long. Police were at his door demanding the money back a short time later.


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Politically Correct Bingo

Whose calling me Dirty Gertie, you Heinz Variety!

Oh dear god, Nanny State is taking aim at bingo callers. Seems phrases like “two fat ladies” , “legs eleven”, “Dirty Gertie” or “Droopy drawers” could offend some people and the Sudbury Town Council have told callers to friggin stop it. John Sayers who runs bingo in Sudbury, Suffolk was told by a council clerk not to use the traditional bingo call because it may upset someone and they could sue. Now all he gets are complaints about how boring his calling is .


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