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Pigeon 1, Cat 0

Oh the humiliation you dumbass cat ….


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One Of Nature’s Nasties!

Now this is how I like my nature programs …”The Cassowary is a hideous and hateful bastard of a bird, and like most things that live in Australia, if ya piss it off, it can totally kick the shit out of you.”



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Polly Wants To Pull The Piss

So who's a clueless big-mouthed idiot then?

You know what I hate? When your friggin neighbors teach their bird to say “Clueless big-mouthed idiot” after you complain to police about them being too loud.I really friggin hate that! Wang Han-chin, from Taiwan, claimed in his lawsuit that he was so peeved when the mynah (a bird) began cursing him with insulting words every time he left his home  it made him lose concentration at work, resulting in him suffering burns.Unfortunately for Mr Han-chin, not even his legal team could find sufficient evidence and quietly slunk off to withdraw the charges. Hmm Han-chin, might want to considered buying a cat!

Psst Thanks to FF and the letter G for the story.


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Friggin Gag Order


Remember the dude who wheeled a trolley full of jerry cans and fireworks into a Northern Territory Insurance office and ignited it, injuring 19 people? Well, guess what he’s been up to? Throwing poo and spitting at prison officers. In fact the man named only as Bird, had to be gagged when he made his court appearance and will be appearing via video link next time because of his excrement throwing tantrums. Hmm, guess he is going for an insanity plea!


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Trailer Trash of the Bird World


Meet the female Saltmarsh Sparrow, which has recently been crowned the slut of the bird kingdom. Yes sirree, the little critter which lives in the marshes of Connecticut is an extreme sex addict. Researchers, studying their mating habits, discovered that not all the eggs in their nests necessarily belonged to the same father, indicating that they are highly promiscuous. In fact “The chance that any two chicks in the same nest have the same father is only 23%,” says Professor Elphick of the Coastal Carolina University. Geez, slut alright!


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