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Maggies Remember

Ever been swooped by a magpie? If yes, I got some bad news for you. These birds recognise and remember faces and know where you live!!! Seems the facial recognation is so that can seek out the same person and attack them over and over and over again, especially if they live nearby. The birds are territorial and can live in the same area for over 20 years. They learn to know who lives where and will watch for who THEY think are a threat then ….kapow!

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Look, Up In The Sky. It’s ….

That is a lotta birds …


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Worst Excuse For Keeping A Corpse

bald eagle 2

I’m not eating THAT!!!

OK loons, fulfilling your dead hubby’s wish is one thing but keeping his corpse for 9 months is a tad extreme. The 88 year old told authorities that her husband wanted his body eaten by birds so everyday she would open the windows and doors but evidently the birds only got as far as the aircon. Police suspect she was telling whoppers because she had sprinkled lime around the corpse and was still cashing in his retirement checks.


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Beware The Ides of October

pigeons 3Oh crap, thanks to budget cuts , the starlings have shat all over Rome. The flock of about 1.5 million fly in around October for a little R&R. They lounge around eating olives and then in the evening they let rip, all over streets , rooftops, statues and slow moving tourists. Local authorities normally minimize the poop fest by pruning olive trees and playing loud falcon noises but this year their budgets were cut and now it has been raining poop.


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Dance Cocky, Dance

Having been inspired by a Gangnam Style cockatoo dancing on Facebook I did a little research and discovered there is a whole friggin flock of them …


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Starlings Can’t Handle Booze

Phew, am I gonna regret this in the morning!

My, my, my, authorities in Romania say the dozens of dead starling birds found on the weekend had drank themselves to death. After examining their stomach content,  veterinarians concluded the little creatures had got themselves pissed on left over grapes from the wine making process.

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Maybe It’s Time To Panic

Holy Francis of Assisi Batman,  8,000 turtle doves have fallen from the skies in Italy  with blue stains of their beaks! Horrified residents in Faenza ran for cover when thousands of turtle doves began raining down on them. The poor little feathered creatures had mysterious blue stains on their beaks which experts believe may have  been caused by poison or hypoxia. WTF is hypoxia you may well ask? Lack of oxygen and a common precursor to altitude sickness. The cold weather may have caused the birds to fly into a high altitude wind storm. I  just might check my Mayan calendar.  Hmm, 21st of December 2012 you say?


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