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Step Away From The Juice

OK, I really hate being the bearer of bad news but you might want to avoid drinking too much OJ as it may contain a Brazilian fruit concentrate, which is being blamed for birth defects. The cheap Brazilian concentrate contains high levels of the fungicide carbendazim, and has caused alarm bells a ringing in the US  over potential heath risks.

Psst More bad news, 95% of orange juice in Australia contains it.


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Insects Get A Reprieve!

Geez, that will explain why I keep pissing down my leg !

Oh dear god, pregnant women, step away from the insect repellent now! European researchers have discovered a link between bug spray and penis birth defects in babies. The defect in question is  hypospadias, which basically means the opening of the penis ends up on the underside away from the tip. Ooh messy. Anywho, after major studies they think the most likely culprit is N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (it’s friggin DEET OK!) an active ingredient found in most repellents. You can read more about it here Courier Mail.


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