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Happy Friggin Birthday

pooOh no, what are the odds that at the exact time you were having your 16th birthday party, a  shower of  feces rains down on you? Jacinta and 40 guests were merrily celebrating the big event in their New York backyard when they looked up into the sky and no, it’s not a bird , no it’s not Superman…..but five  friggin planes. The likelihood is one of the those planes decided to dump their motherload of sh*t onto them. The father was just grateful they had finished eating the birthday cake minutes before the brown shower.


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Children’s birthday parties are so over rated

student 3 A 5 year old who was a no show at his friend’s birthday party was handed a bill for failure to show. The party, which was at the Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre, averaged out at about $40 a head. The kid had RSVPed he was going but later opted to spend the day with his grandparents after realising his parents had double booked . The father claimed they had no contact details to let the snowflake’s mother know his son would no longer going to be attending. The “No Show” invoice was left in the kid’s schoolbag. On the bright side he wasn’t charged VAT. The mother is now threatening to take them to small claims court if they don’t cough up.

PSST Seriously? First world problems love.  Kiddies should have been made to pay in advance if you had no show concerns.


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Party’s Over Kids!!!!

Want to know  how to ruin a kid’s party? Hmm, invite a professional fire breather who accidentally sets her face on fire. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but, they should have hired a friggin clown!!!!


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Guess Who’s Having a Birthday

And it’s a Happy Birthday to Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi the Lockerbie bomber who celebrates his 58th birthday at his Libyan mansion. Shame the 270 people who died over Lockerbie can’t!


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Hey, Remember The Time We Went To Caesarland?

Kid? That's right, our friggin kid, doh!

Picture this, you are a three year old and your parents have just treated you to a birthday party at Caesarland in Warren with pizza, presents and friends when all of a sudden everyone’s gone except you. No worries, they’ll be back right? Nope. 8 o’clock ticks by, then 8.30, 9.00pm not a sign of them. 36 friggin hours later the father rocks up at Caesarland looking for him, like it’s a friggin child care center! He soon learns his child is safe and sound in the custody of Child Protective Services. Excuse I hear you say? OK, here goes…father thought mother had picked him up (they are separated but live in the same apartment complex) and mother thought he or his grandmother had taken him. Happy birthday kid, your parents might be getting themselves an abandonment charge to remember it by.


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