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Rattlesnake 1, Human 0

One more time people, just leave wildlife alone. A man in Arizona decided it would be a hoot to throw a rattlesnake on the BBQ during a children’s party. Show the little snowflakes how a snake sizzles. The rattler had just slithered into the yard  when the guy grabbed it by the head but as luck would have it he lost his grip and the angry snake bit him on the face and chest. Luckily a hospital was nearby. He was sedated for 5 days until the swelling went down. Still no word on the snake. Probably gloating with his mates in the Rattler’s nest.

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Something to Tell The Grandkids

It use to be an urban legend you would tell visitors to Australia…careful of the Redback on the toilet seat. But alas for one unlucky dude it has become a reality. A man in Sydney was bitten by the venomous Redback spider while taking a leak in a portaloo …wait, there is more…. he was bitten on his penis. OK loons, I know what you were thinking , he was either sitting down (which is uncool) or he was standing up (which makes it awfully big). Anywho, I digress. By the time paramedics had arrived, the man had wisely made his own way to hospital where he was treated for swelling, pain and the humiliation. No word on the mental state of the spider.

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Yes, We Know It’s Cute BUT ……..

bearOne more time people, when at a wildlife sanctuary or zoo, please don’t put your arm into the cage of a 400lb black bear to give it a pet, no matter how scrumptiously cute he looks …just saying. I’m guessing the woman won’t be using her right arm for a long while…. as the Loon slaps the forehead with a palm.


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Here’s a Frightening Stat

I knew some one would number crunch!  Seems footballers have a greater chance of being bitten by World Cup star Luis Suarez than a great white.In other words  if you play football you have a 1-2000 chance of being on the recieving end of one of Suarez’s chompers.


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Snake Pastor Dies

snake6A reality show pastor, who used deadly snakes in his sermons, has died after he refused medical help after getting bitten. The reason? Well, the Bible says a poisonous snakebite will not harm anyone as long as they are anointed by God’s power. Hmm, that’s like awkward.


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Samuel L Jackson Fail

Man bitten by snake on planeOMG,  a passenger on an EgyptAir flight has been bitten by a snake that had been hiding in his hand luggage. Feet up everybody. The pilots realised something was up when they heard the man’s screams and made an emergency landing.


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Leave it To Beaver

A 51 year old Boy Scout leader from New York who was attacked by a rabid beaver (no, not one of NY housewives, silly!) while swimming in the Delaware River. How unlucky was that? Evidently the vicious little thing swam through the man’s legs and bit him in the chest, leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso (ouch!) before he managed to grab the beaver and hold its mouth shut.  He then chucked it on shore where it was stoned to death by the scouts. A vet later confirmed it had rabies.


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Arm Eating Alligator

A 17 year old swimming in the Florida’s Caloosahatchee River had his arm bitten off by a 3m alligator. Wildlife officers tracked down the beast, killed it and removed the teen’s arm in the hope it could be reattach but unfortunately, no.


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Bobcat Lessons 101

OK, here’s the thing people, if you hit a bobcat with your car and it lies injured on the median don’t go and try to comfort it because it’s gonna friggin bite you real hard. Bobcats are nasty like that! And we all know what happens when you are bitten by a bobcat, don’t we? Yes siree, that’s extensive rabies treatment for you lady!


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King Cobra Kills Snake Lover

Remember Luke Yeomans a snake conservationist who was breeding the biggest king cobra colony in Europe? No? Well, never mind, he’s died after being bitten by one of them. The snake lover was about to open his king cobra sanctuary to the public this weekend but had a heart attack after one of the reptiles turned on him. RIP snake lover.


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