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Prancercise Anyone?

Oh for the love of … some lady in the US has become a overnight sensation with her bizarre exercise vids called Prancercise. Basically you find your inner horse and go from there. Unfortunately, it isn’t just her weird walk that is grabbing attention. Ladies, wearing tight white lycra pants = cameltoe … there I said it.


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Milas Kunis Is The Coolest

Check out how Milas Kunis handles a bizarre interview with a nervous, star struck Radio 1 interviewer Chris Stark. Her awesome meter just went up.

Psst I suspect this was all set up but she handled it like a pro.


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Don’t Be Cruel

Thank you very much

Forget Winston Churchill’s false teeth, autopsy tools used to embalm and prepare Elvis Presley’s body are up for auction in Chicago! Friggin awesome. Ooh and did I happen to mention his toe tag as well? The autopsy instruments include rubber gloves, forceps, lip bushes, a comb, eye liner, needle injectors, an arterial tube and aneurysm hooks. And the best part is they were only used once, on the King, so you don’t get any randoms gunk on it too. Unfortunately the toe tag is marked “John Doe” because some friggin fan  nicked the original during the chaos at the hospital in 1977.

Psst This would be like the last things that ever touched Elvis!


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Friggin Lawyers

Holy crap, a little overboard with the background footage don’t ya think?


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Kinky Doctor Gets The Boot

Are you sure doc?

OK here’s the thing ladies, there are no acupuncture points in your vagina, even if your doctor tells you so. Grant Woo, a Victorian doctor has had his medical license revoked for two years after several women complained about his bizarre examinations. One woman was examined internally by the good doc because he said he wanted to find a pressure point affecting her hormone imbalance, while another had Chinese herbs inserted into her vagina to fix a digestive problem. The third woman had her nipples tickled to “stimulate her hormones”.The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal concluded the doctor was performing the examinations “for his own sexual gratification” and not for medical reasons. Ya think? He will now be twiddling his thumbs for two years before he is eligible to reapply for his medical license!

Psst Shouldn’t he also be up for sexual assault…I’m just saying!!!!


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SMBC Theater Must Have Had A Budget Cut

In my series of WTF was that video, I present SMBC Theater’s  Nature Documentary….

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Is It Me Or Is This Bizarrely Riveting?

WTF? Check out what I stumbled across on YouTube. I got up to about the 4th person before I could take no more. Cross eyed girl kinda freaked me out!


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Disturbing Alert

WTF. OK Loons can someone please explain. I came across this little cartoon and thought hmm… David & Lionel: Christian Masturbation… how bad could it be? Considering I am only the 54th person to watch it I think I might be going to hell. Is this as disturbing as I think it is?


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Bizarre Italian Murder Mystery

OK loons it’s Miss Marple time once more. This time we are in Rome, where detectives are trying to solve a baffling mystery. They have discovered a perfect skeleton with just one friggin catch, it’s made up of five different bodies. Oh dear, Hannibal Lecter must be in town. This is what police know, the bones belong to three women and two men aged between 25-55 years  and they have all been murdered within a 20 year span from the 1980’s until 2006.

Firefighters stumbled upon the bizarre skeleton while putting out a blaze in the Magliana suburb of southern Rome.Initially they thought it was the remains of pensioner Libero Ricci (77) who disappeared in 2003 because his wallet and keys were found close by. However his family insisted it wasn’t him because the  clothes didn’t match. DNA testing established it wasn’t Ricci but the skull did belong to someone related to him. Further DNA relieved 5 different bodies were used to make up the skeleton, leading police to fear a serial murdering bone collector. Police have yet to identify the victims.


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Assisted Suicide or Murder?

Believe it or not. Prosecutors in a Manhattan court case say their client Kenneth Minor did not murder Long Island motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker, but was simply holding the knife while he ran into it seven times. Oh yes, new information has come to light, including Mr Locker’s financial woes, the purchase of life insurance policies and “recent computer searches concerning funeral arrangements”. They claim Mr Locker paid a complete stranger to help him with an “assisted suicide” because he was in financial ruin. Strange thing is,they may just buy it, the case has been adjourned so everyone , including the judge can review and research the information further.


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