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Roadkill Alert!

Geez, that was close!

Oh dear god, do you have to be told? Do not and I repeat do don’t pick up friggin roadkill bear remains off the sides of highways and roads in Florida, it’s illegal. Gross. The warning follows an incident where a dead black bear was removed butchered, skinned and it’s meat cut into steaks by a group of men who wanted to hang it’s hide on a wall (Geez, what happened to the friggin thrill of the hunt?). And if you were wondering it’s not the Palin’s, they have an alibi! WTF, bear roadkill steaks…no friggin thanks! Gosh, you wouldn’t have a clue where that bears been or what creepy friggin disease it may have had .  So again leave the friggin roadkill alone!


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To Be Or Not To Be Treadwelled

Hey Charlie, can you get me a Pepsi?

Hey Charlie, can you get me a Pepsi?

For 20 odd years Charlie Vandergaw has been living a quiet life  in a remote cabin in Alaska,  only accessible by plane.  He shares his wilderness hangout with a few black bears (yes, the same ones that are killed to make the Buckingham Palace guards hats). The bond between Vandergaw and the bears are so strong that he can rub their tummies and hand feed them without fear of reprisals. But as is usually the case, as soon as a documentary about Vandergaw’s relationship with the black bears was aired “Stranger Among Bears” the Game officials immediately stepped  in and charged him with illegally feeding game. Now Vandergaw is staring down the barrel of a jail term if he doesn’t comply and cough up the $1,000. Hmm, I am thinking the bears are better off hanging with him than mauling  tourists elsewhere. The general concensous amongst the locals is, if the bears choose to eat him, well that is the Alaskan way. Oh and for city folk the correct term  for that is  being “Treadwelled”,  in honor of Timothy Treadwell the last proclaimed “Bear Protector” who was attacked and eaten by his bear buddies in 2003.

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