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The Danger of Escalators

As Americans get ready for the friggin “Black Friday” nightmare (aka the after party of Thanksgiving), I thought I’d  give you a  few words of warning. Friggin escalators people, friggin escalators!

Psst Interpretation for non Americans …..”Black Friday” = busiest retail shopping day of the year when people turn into Satan to snatch a bargain (preferably out of someone else’s hands). Doors of retail stores usually open as early as 5am so people can get the stampeding , trampling and grievously bodily harming  over and done with before breakfast.Keeps the staff busy too, sweeping out the dead!


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Wal Mart Employee Trampled

Black Friday indeed. A part time employee Jdimytai Damour from Wal Mart was killed when desperate shoppers broke down the door of a Long Island store in New York State to grab a bargain at 5 O’clock in the morning.The unfortunate soul was manning the front entrance of Valley Stream when a surge of consumers burst through the doors and trampled him (four shoppers were also taken to hospital). It took staff several minutes to find the flattened Wal Mart employee as there were hundreds of people walking over him. The first Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday , when retail stores open early to offer discounts. Hmm, I am guessing Wal Mart staff won’t want to be on rostered door duty on that day again! Meanwhile two people are dead after a gun fight broke out in the car park of Toys “R” Us store in Palm Desert, California. No word on what toy this dispute was about but I imagine it wasn’t worth it!

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