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Neo Nazi Thug Should Have Read The T-Shirt


OK, here’s the thing neo-Nazi skinhead with racist tatts all over your body, don’t be trying to pick a fight with an African American wearing a t-shirt with “Spokane Boxing Club champion.” clearly printed on it, you’ll be friggin sorry. Daren C. Abbey, a white supremist skinhead confronted Marlon Baker at a bar in Idaho. Mr Baker, who didn’t want no trouble, walked away but of course Mr Abbey was cruisin’ for a bruisin’and began taunting him with racial slurs. That’s when kapow, Baker punched the fool in the facing knocking him out cold. When he regained consciousness Abbey was handcuffed, arrested and charged. Embarrassed much?

Psst Seems despite Mr Baker’s t-shirt, he has never boxed professionally.


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That’s a Hosing!

Listen up real close white woman in a motorized scooter, don’t be calling no black man a nigger if he is holding a garden hose!


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Starbucks Meltdown

I don’t know loons, me thinks this dude should step away from the coffee, he’s got all the adrenalin rush he needs…


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Didn’t See That One Coming

Hey psst Loons, never try and scare a black man…I’m just saying!


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