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It Takes Balls To Date a Stranger

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOh those Russians. A married Russian TV presenter got quite a surprise when he woke up, after spending the night with a blonde stranger, only to discover his testicles were gone. Hate that. Mr Nikolaev claims he woke up the next day with a mega sore crotch and blood all over his pants. Docs at the hospital where he was rushed  said whoever did it was very skilful. Police believe he was a victim of a black market gang who sell organs.


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For The Love Of A Cell Phone

Yeah, I am planning to have another one, I want an iPod

OK people, you desperately want a cell phone, what do you do? Come on people think, what do you do? Well, if you are the young Chinese couple currently detained by Chinese police, you’d sell your six day old son, thats what. The couple who were unemployed and broke got a nice 2,500 yuan ($368) for their troubles (who they gonna call?). Sadly the child was on sold two more times, the last being  for 10,000 yuan ($1,470), before police were notified by suspicious locals. Geez, imagine how many cell phones you could get…ah never mind. Anywho, baby is now in hospital and the couple won’t be getting him back anytime soon. Police are currently cracking down on the kidnapping and sale of children on the Chinese black market. Some gangs have been going into rural areas to steal children to be sold to rich childesss couples for up to $10,000. Couples with girls need not worry, the preferred victims are boys.

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