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Japanese Black Widow

weddingOK, here’s the thing Japanese Black Widow, the trick when bumping off your hubbies is to be discreet. Now, killing 6 husbands in 20 years is kind of pointing your own finger at yourself. The “alleged” Black Widow has been charged with the murder of who latest hubby who was killed by cyanide a month after their nuptials. It is believed inheritance and a nice insurance payout maybe the motivation. Police are currently investigating the deaths of her 5 previous husbands. Sheez, seriously, she should have  found a really, really, rich hubby in the first place and it would have saved her all this hard work and grief…. just saying


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I Don’t Remember a Thing!

Oooh.. ouch... rope burn!

Oooh.. ouch... rope burn!

Here’s a kinky twist. A Russian woman is on trial for raping 10 men.Oh yeah, 10! Valeria K who has a fascination for spiders and clonidine, has been luring men into her web for months. Yes, nicknamed the Black Widow, she would siddle up to an unsuspecting victim, chat them up, invite them back to her place, spike their drinks with clonidine and then have her way with them. In the 24 hours that the victims were knocked out, she performed various sexual acts on them by tying and tightening a rope on their penis. Many of her victims woke up in hospital suffering from clonidine poisoning and penis trauma! Ouch. Police believe there are many more victims out there but are too embarrassed to fess up! One of her victims refused to testify claiming he enjoyed the experience!

Psst Why the drug? Name 10 men who wouldn’t just have sex with her?


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