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Who The Hell Did I Just Vote For?

Of all the sneaky, low down, rotten tricks. Some white politician from Houston has been accused of deceiving voters into believing he was black by sending out fliers to his overwhelmingly black Democrat constituency with a photo of smiling African-Americans (he nicked from the web) with the caption “Please vote for our friend and neighbour Dave Wilson.” underneath. The trick obviously worked because the homophobic Wilson won. Seriously people do a little research before voting.

Want sauce with that?


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Alex Croft Fails To Assassinate Obama

Just because Obama is black doesn’t mean you should assassinate him, right?


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Never Get A Woman To Do A Man’s Job

Oh for goodness sakes lady, if you are going to hold up two Memphis credit unions you are going to have to learn to communicate a whole lot better than that. Some thin, short black or Hispanic woman dressed in dark clothing with a bright red scarf,  failed twice in her attempts to rob the banks. The first attempt failed because the teller couldn’t understand a word she said and when pushed to repeat herself she threw her a hold up note and fled. Next stop another credit union. This time the woman decided to keep her mouth shut which only helped draw attention to herself. After being asked several times by a teller if she needed help she fumbled around in her purse, handed over a note and pulled out a gun. Exit teller and exit lady, who tripped as she ran outside, dropping her gun and no doubt grazing her knees before fleeing in her car.Shame,  I am guessing that’s the last time they’ll be hearing from her…. dumbass.


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