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Friggin Leemings!

The lab tests are in on the 300 blackbirds found dead recently near Athens in Limestone county, Alabama. Hmm, it appears they all died from flying into…wait for it… a large object like a tractor-trailer rig. WTF, is that the best they could come up with? It’s Alabama people, how’s about they flew into a UFO or something????


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More Bye-Bye Blackbirds

Umm, I don’t want to rock your stress meter any more than I have to but another 500 blackbirds have plummeted from the sky, this time in Louisiana on a 500m stretch of highway.This comes days after the town of Beebe in Arkansas was littered with thousands of dead blackbirds.


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Bye Bye Blackbirds and Drum Fish

Hello Arkansas!!!!

Yeah, about those 1,000 5,000 blackbirds found dead in Beebe Arkansas, Arkansas officials are now investigating the death of over 100,000 drum fish in the Arkansas River near Ozark. WTF is going on Arkansas? Experts believe it is probably disease to blame for the mass kill. Hmm and if you were wondering,  Ozark is about 150 miles from Beebe. Birds? Fish? What next?


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