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Blade Runner

Airplane windowYou know what I hate? When you’re minding you’re own beeswax on a flight and suddenly you get whacked on the back of the head with a propeller. Hate that. A passenger on a Canadian flight got kaboomed with the plane’s propeller blade after it came off mid flight and crashed through the side of the plane. That’s gotta hurt.

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Oh, I See What The Problem is!

Ah, so that's what the scar was from!

Doctor, doctor, why is my head always hurting? Hmm, maybe it’s because you have a 4 inch knife blade stuck in your brain! Li Fu was stabbed in the head during a robbery in 2006 but for some unknown reason doctors who treated him failed to notice a knife buried in his skull. Fast forward 4 years and Mr Li has a routine X-ray after complaining about migraines and viola there’s the big friggin blade, clear as day. No prob, will just pull that out for ya!


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Honey, Why Is There A Knife In Your Neck?

It's a growing phenomenon!

When a man from Wodonga in Victoria hopped into bed his wife wanted to know why there was blood spurting from his neck all over the clean sheets. The man then admitted he had been in a fight but had no idea he had been injured. When the paramedics arrived they broke the bad news to him, a blade had broken off in his neck and it was millimeters from his spine. Now there’s a very slow ride  to the Royal Melbourne hospital.


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