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Train Proof

When a freight train driver in Blenheim called police believing he had run over someone on the tracks, everyone expected to be looking for a mangled body but instead they found a drunk man still asleep between the tracks. In fact he had slept through the whole thing, despite having cuts on his forehead from the train.


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I’m Here To Pick Up A Bag

Hold your horses Loons, we may have the winner for potential idiot of the year. Stand up and take a bow Patricia Lynette Wright, of Blenheim. She waltzed into a police station to claim her lost bag. Only prob, it contained 20 grams of cannabis. Bummer, now she has 6 months probation and counselling sessions for her troubles.


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Push Not Pull!

Just having a dumb day is all!

Embarrassed much? Ying Chao a Chinese tourist friggin freaked when she couldn’t get out of one a Blenheim’s electronic  public toilets in New Zealand. After several desperate attempts at freeing herself from the less than pleasant tomb, she rang the only number she had memorized, New Zealand’s emergency services number 111.  Firefighter raced to the scene only to have her  free within seconds. Hmm, seems Ms Chao wasn’t opening the door properly. Can’t wait to see her use the escalators!


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Spaghetti Western!

Woman banned from taking baby to a r-rated movieAnna Straker thought she would go check out a movie at the local cinema in Blenheim,New Zealand. She picked the Kate Winslet award winning movie “The Reader” and bought herself a ticket.Hmm, not so fast missy, not with your 5 week old baby you don’t. Oh dear, it seems no one under the age of 16 is allowed to view an R rated movie and I mean no one…NO exceptions. The staff refused her entry to the movie but instead suggested she might consider taking her baby to watch the latest Terminator film!


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