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Oxygen Tank + Cigarette = Kaboom

Word of warning loons, do be smoking while using your oxygen tank . A man in Kentucky died after he lit a cigarette and his oxygen tank exploded. His family said it wasn’t the first time his tanks had blown (three prior explosions) but add that this time it was different because it killed him.


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Urban Terrorist Fail

You know what I hate? When you toddle off to plant a bomb and the damn thing blows up your face before you get to your destination. I really friggin hate that! Wannabe terrorist and self described anarchist Luciano Pitronello Schuffeneger from Chile now has no hands, no eyesight and third degree burns over his entire body after attempting to plant a bomb at a local bank. Police believe he may have accidentally set off the timer as he tried to get into the building. Hmmm, won’t be doing that again!

Psst There is video of the incident on Youtube but it’s far too disturbing to show.


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Exploding Echidna Causes Outrage


Sorry, no Echidna clipart!


OK, here’s the thing Woonona man, blowing up a dead echidna with fireworks is a $1,000 fine. Lucky for him the animal was dead when he taped fireworks to its back and kaboomed it or he may have been buying soap-on-a-rope.

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Nope, That’s a Fail!

You'll just have to imagine the homemade jet pack going kaboom!

OK, here’s the thing Michigan man, when you build a backpack from an old car muffler and fill it with gasoline and gunpowder to see if you can become a human jetpack rocket sled, it will always end in tears and burns. The unnamed man was attempting to zoom down a hill with his homemade device on his sled when it went kaboom!


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