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Iowa Is Now Truly Dodge City

The blind are allowed to carry a gun in IowaIowa have just changed their gun laws to allow blind people to own and carry firearms in public. What could possibly go wrong Rutger Hauer?


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Blind Attorney Hit By Cyclist

You know what I hate? When a blind man gets run down by a cyclist in Central Park and the victim happens to be an attorney and disabled rights activist. Hmm, that’s a suing right there city of New York. Yes, no, he’s not suing the cyclist only the city!!!! Nothing is just an accident anymore.

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A White Cane Anyone?

Eh? Didn't see it coming!!!

Oh those Greeks!!! A recently elected mayor on the island of Zakynthos has discovered that quite a few of his constituents have been in on an elaborate scam. About 600 of them have been falsely declaring themselves blind so they can collect a nice monthly cheque from the government. Hmm, that’s about 2% of the population and include restaurant owners, shop keepers, farmers and even taxi drivers. Seems authorities had been turning a blind eye for over 10 years to those faking their claims. Now the spoil sport mayor (who happens to also be a lawyer) has ceased all benefit payments so they can thin out the blind herd. The crackdown has also come at a price, with 50 of the so called blind hurling eggs and yoghurt at the now unpopular major. Hmm, so does being blind drunk count?

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Blind Freddy

Might want to rethink picking on blind people in Kansas, they are now allowed to carry concealed guns. Hmm, don’t believe me? Well, go take a gander at Sekan’s blog, Kansas Mediocrity and see for yourself (sorry for the pun!).


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Easy On Condoms

Oh crap, the strings broke!

Trouble putting on a condom boys? Hmm, fear no more, a WOMAN has invented an easy-on condom that even the blind can use. María Ángeles Machuca, from Spain, has simply added two little disposable strips on either side of the condom to make the process more simpler for the nervous, flustered and blind. Well, thank god for that!


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You Got A Friend…or 10

Will you quit it guys...not funny!!!

OMG loons the cutest animal story you are going to hear all day.When Michelle Feldstein agreed to take a 15 year old blind quarter horse into her animal shelter she had no idea the horse came with 5 goats and 5 sheep.You see her entourage are also Sissy’s carers, seeing eye animals. Yep, the sheep act as her eyes and the goats act as her bodyguards. The group will round her up at feeding time and maneuver her to the food and water and at the end of the day they will lead her to her stall.  I think I have something in my eye? Hmm, quick get Disney on the phone!

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Didn’t See It Coming

Now this could come in handy loons, especially if you can’t find your beer goggles. A man in England sought medical help after he kept going temporarily blind during sex. The unnamed man was evidently  suffering from vasoconstriction ( the same condition that causes erectile dysfunction) where the muscle walls contract around a blood vessel and viola, blind as a bat. Hmm, nice window of opportunity to do a runner, I say!


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