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We Are Not Alone

I knew it , I knew it. Seems Aussies aren’t privvy to UFO sightings by airline pilots thanks to  EU legislation. Weird, unexplained sighting in the skies from 2011-2017 are not available even under the Freedom of Information Act. The Civil Aviation Authority are using a small piece of EU legislation to block any info . Here it is ….. “Occurrence information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety, and the release of occurrence information to the general public or the media, including in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, is not permitted.”

Hmm, I suppose they want to protect pilots from being carted away in straight jackets!


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No Effin on Facebook

A woman from Effin in Ireland is having a problem getting Facebook to allow her to add her town to the “hometown” field. Well that’s Effin ridiculous! Ann Marie Kennedy says “I was born and raised in Effin and my family come from here. There’s a great community spirit. Our best known export is Effin cheese.” Hmm, despite that, no Effin people have been able to add the town onto Facebook. Sheez, well what hope does the Austrian town of Fucking have then?


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Well That Ends Kim Jong Il’s Dance Lessons

How the hell can I star in Chorus Line now?

Oh for crying out loud Italy, why deny the second happiest country in the world tap shoes? Seems the Italians have blocked a ship carrying high quality tap shoes from China to North Korea. That’s a breach of United Nation’s ban on sale of luxury goods to the despot Pyongyang, right there!!!.


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