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This is what a 100 layers of foundation looks like….

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A Chef’s Response To Bad Blog Review

‘wear first a condom on your tongue in order contain the orgasm of your ignorance’

Want sauce with that?


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Boys In Blue!

That's why we are called boys in blue!

A blogger believed to be a Swedish cop (known as Uncle Blue) is being probed after he boasted about rubbing his penis against a female colleague’s cruiser. The prank known as “ollning” (bell-ending) was performed by the blogger and another cop, who rubbed the tip of their penises on door handles, the gear stick, steering wheel and even the police radio of a female officer’s car. While she was on shift the pair then rang her to tell her what they had done. Gross. Other posts included him writing about shaking hands with a dead man who had hanged himself and letting a mentally unstable woman go free because “being horny isn’t dangerous.” Needless to say there is now a internal investigation into the blogger and his identity.


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Cheaper Than Therapy

Last week  Two Yorks and a Bean wrote a post about a blogger who’s son “Big Kid” is fighting for life with Swine Flu. Her blog, which is usually full of wit and humor, has become a day to day journal of her struggle to come to terms with the disease, mortality, hopes and fears. Attila the Mom, as she is known, is brutally honest and yet still friggin funny as she faces the biggest challenge of her life. I hope all the loon readers pop on by and give her some words of encouragement, oh and pull the piss on Pa Ingalls.   You can find her at Cheaper Than Therapy.

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Jaycee Dugard’s Kidnapper Was A Blogger!

Dear god, kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard’s friggin captor was a blogger. I am certainly hoping he wasn’t a loon lurker! Geez, worth a defriending on Facebook for that! Phillip Garrido has/had a blog called “Voices Revealed” and his rants are quite bizarre to say the least. Hmm, seems no one had bothered to take the blog down yet, so feel free to leave a comment while it is still up ….like the 122 who have already let rip! Oh and spare a thought for the poor stepdad, Carl Probyn, who has had a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head for 18 years. Come on people, the poor guy took chase on a push bike after seeing his step daughter being abducted, had to face the raised eyebrow for years and then watch his marriage crumble.I hope there is a big queue of people outside his house to apologize.

Psst This from the friggin fruitloop after being arrested “In the end, this is going to be a powerful, heartwarming story. My life has been straightened out.” Stuff you and your friggin life nutter!

Kidnapper of Jaycee Dugards has a blog


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