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Drug Cartels Murdering Bloggers

Thats a defriending you Zetas bastards!!!

What the hell is going on in Mexico? Seems drug cartels have switched their violence to social media users. Two bodies have been found hanging from the Nuevo Laredo bridge after they allegedly posted “funny things on the Internet” which basically denounced the gangs. The unknown woman in her 20’s had been  hogtied and disemboweled. Both had signs left near them,  one of which read “This is going to happen to all of those posting funny things on the Internet. You better fucking pay attention. I’m about to get you.”  Many people have switched from traditional media to blogging as a way to report violence in Mexico and the cartels aren’t pleased. The blogs Al Rojo Vivo and Blog del Narco have been singled out by the gangs as they encourage people to report on drug cartel activities. Sheez, these people aren’t even human.

Psst Loon is cancelling holiday plans to South America, indefinitely. The tequila will have to wait!


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Check Your Friggin Spam Filter People

Concerned that some of your regulars haven’t been on your blog for awhile? Well you might want to just check your spam filters to see if some have slipped through the cracks and ended up floating in the cesspool of Nigerian scammers and Russian porn pimps. I keep fishing Jammers out of mine (he was keeping real bad company).  The problem, I fear, is when you add a link in your comment. Google god thinks you are spamming and sends you to the sin bin. If you happen to find someone in your spam folder  I suggest you soak them in disinfectant or  hose them down before approving them. Can’t tell what they have caught down there!

Psst For people on WordPress the Spam Filter can be found when you click on “Comments” .



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Battered Bloggers Safe House

Who knew Mugabe didn't have a sense of humor?

Are you a battered blogger, who constantly lives in fear of being persecuted by repressive authorities and thrown in a dark cold jail cell because you pull the piss on their dumbassed regimes in your posts? Well stress no more, thanks to “Reporters Without Borders” there is “virtual shelter” just for you . Yes, if you can afford to live in  Paris you can use RSF, a special headquarters just for fugitive journos and bloggers where you can blog to your hearts content using software that masks your online identity. Despite the fact RSF  can’t fully guarantee that the CIA or Kim Jong Il won’t hunt you down and kill you, it still offers a place to bitch until then.


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