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Not the Old Blonde in the Miniskirt trick!

Guys, dont do it!

Guys, dont do it!

Anadel Carrizales was driving along in his pick-up in Monterrey, Mexico, minding his own business when he noticed a blonde in a black miniskirt stranded along the side of the road. Being a gentleman Anadel,stopped to see if she needed a hand (as men do when a damsel in a miniskirt is in distress). The blonde wandered over to the kind hearted man and told him that there was a gun being pointed at him so he better hand over his money. She (now referred to as bitch) then tied him up with packing tape and super glued his hands to the steering wheel of his truck before taking off with his wallet and all of his credit cards.Fortunately he was able to steer himself to the nearest police station where emergency services were called to free his hands. Imagine how Anadel Carrizales explained this little incident to his wife!

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