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Care Factor Zero

Blondes take longer to get ready than brunettesOK, and now for a completely pointless survey, unless you are flogging hair accessories and styling tools. Researchers have discovered that blondes take longer for brunettes to get ready. Yes, blondes take on average 72 minutes on their beauty routine, while the brunettes spend only 66 minutes. Oh and if that doesn’t piss off the brown haired women , the survey revealed blondes have a better social life too. So here’s what we now know about blondes…

They spend 16 minutes showering, 7 minutes on their teeth , 14 minutes on their hair, 11 minutes make-up, 11 minute selecting the “right” outfit, and 12 minutes to preen (waxing, shaving, plucking and tanning).

Here’s what we know about brunettes…whoops, no one seems to care!

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