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Honey, Did You Move The Cushions?

snake6OK loons, if you decide to pick up a free couch you find lying out on the side of the street just ask yourself why did the previous owner throw it out? Hmm, maybe because it was home to a friggin 1.2 metre-long boa constrictor? It was two months before a housemate saw the damn thing slither out from under a cushion.


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Commuter Snake Found

Sheez, what's to eat?

OK, everybody’s feet down, the 3ft missing  boa constrictor has been found in a Boston subway carriage. Penelope was discovered by a commuter after wandering off it’s owners shoulder about a month ago while they were commuting. Melissa Moorhouse, who owns the wayward snake, was thrilled to have her pet back. Good for you!


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