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You Can Never Leave

Religious family abandon US only to be rescued at seaWhen a Arizona family  decided to abandon the US (because they hated government control) and take a “leap of faith” to see where God would lead them in a small boat,  you can pretty much guess what happened. Yep,  they sailed smack bang into a series of storms which left them floating adrift for weeks before they were finally rescued  by a Venezuelan fishing vessel. Now the family are back where they started. God has spoken.

Want sauce with that?


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Ghost Boat Ends Up In Spain

Hello, this is Spain, I hear you lost a pleasure boat? In 2008, Scott Douglas and his brother in law were enjoying a fishing trip off the the coast of Nantucket when a massive storm blew in. The pair eventually had to abandon the 26ft Queen Bee and swim for their lives to shore. Enter 2012. Spanish officials have found the now barnacle and rust covered craft 20 miles off the coast of Spain. Wow, that was some trans Atlantic drift. Unfortunately ,as Mr Douglas has already received an insurance payout for his AWOL craft, technically the boat belongs to Spain. Enjoy!

Psst The journey saw Queen Bee pass New England, Canada, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, across the northern Atlantic, Greenland, Ireland before making a right down the European coast to Spain. Hmm, I bet the guys wished they stayed on the boat during the storm now!!!


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Honey, Why Are You Wet?

Oh dear, the first rule of drunk club, is not to go near water!


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