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Serial Killer Alert

Everybody panic!!!!

You know what I hate? When you are looking for a missing prostitute and discover four bodies not even related to the case. I really friggin hate that! Police suspect a  serial killer has been going about his business on Long Island’s Jones Beach and then dumping each victim from a car. The  badly decomposed bodies are believed to have been killed elsewhere before being disposed of over the past 18 months. Eyebrows are being raised by New Jersey police who found 4 bodies (prostitutes) near Atlantic City in 2006 in similar circumstances. Yes loons, of course Craigslist is involved. The missing prostitute, who sparked the initial search, was meeting a client she found on Craigslist. Duh, it’s the serial killers weapon website of choice.

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Over My Dead Body

OMG, Cancun is becoming known as much for it’s “bodies in wells” as it is for it’s great holiday destination. Police have found another 12 decomposed bodies at the bottom of 4 wells near the Cancun International Airport. Authorities believe they are just more dumbassed drug dealers. Hmm, which makes it  a total of  72 bodies hauled out of several wells in Cancun in  the past few weeks.


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