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Pilot, Can You Deploy The Air Mask

My actual worst nightmare, sitting next to someone with BO. Apparently, I am not alone. This week a couple were removed from an American Airlines flight because several passengers complained about their chronic body odor. Just so awks. I can remember many moons ago walking into a cloud of BO in an aisle of a supermarket. It was so thick and putrid that the stench cloud engulfed me and then held me hostage. It even infiltrated my clothes and HAIR. I can remember gagging and as customers walked by they gave me side-eye as if it was me. The trauma was real.

PSST Just a little side note, the couple were so stunned they asked people in the terminal to have a whiff. According to them, they didn’t smell so bad.

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Body Odor Proof Clothes

Now all you need is something for your breath!

Well, well, well, stink proof clothing for the Aussie market, how charming. Yes, King Gee are introducing “steel” shirts which are treated with some kind of chemical that makes the fabric odor destroying. Evidently it seeks out the stink elements of your BO and neutralizes the smell. To release the body odor all you have to do is  simply wash it…hmm, so your washing machine cops it! The really clever thing about this “smart clothing” is that it won’t neutralize your perfume or smoke, just stench. So I’m guessing  it doesn’t absorb farts? Hmm, no mention on how safe those chemicals are!

Psst Here’s a simpler solution, use friggin deodorant!


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Quick He’s Coming Everyone Evacuate

Oh for the love of god!

When people stop coming to a library because one person stinks to high heaven, you really have no choice but to sit down with that person and ask him…WTF man! This is what happened to Stuart Penmen. He stunk so much library officials in Leicestershire had no choice but to ban him from the building for 6 months as people refused to come back. Mr Penmen’s body odor was so putrid he had forced gasping readers to flee the library in search of fresh air. Despite staff sitting down with him to discuss his hygiene habits it just didn’t improve. The main source of stench seemed to be coming from his feet!


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Say NO to BO

Arms up or down I still stink to high heavens!

Arms up or down I still stink to high heavens!

Oh it’s about time Nanny State, yes ban all visitors from raising their arms while riding the rollercoasters, brilliant! Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey, wants rollercoaster riders to keep their arms down because of the foul stench of body odor emulating from the armpits of some. Hmm,  seems some people have been complaining to management about the ungodly stench of some theme parkers. Mike Vallis, a park director said “Our rides are really scary and people tend to sweat more than normal due to the fear and anticipation they experience while queueing up so it can get really pongy.” The ban will be put in place when the temperatures exceed 77F (25C) and people who don’t follow this rule will be asked to leave the park.

Psst If you can smell the person’s stench whilst on a rollercoaster it ain’t scary enough.


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