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Dead Body On Roof

OK, here’s the thing minivan driver in Kansas, when you hit a man with your vehicle it’s courtesy to stop, NOT continue driving with the dead man on your roof. I’m just saying!  It is alleged Mohamed Sarrafizadeh hit the lawn mowing contractor as he was using a weed wacker along a street. The impact sent the victim flying onto the windshield and then up onto roof which had a luggage rack on top. Horrified motorists contacted police when they saw the body.  Sarrafizadeh was charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Psst It’s now been confirmed the man driving the van was a doctor!


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That Will Explain The Smell!

Body left on roof of police station for two years


Sheez guys! A corpse has been found on the roof of a police station in India. Seems it’s been up there for 2 friggin years! Whoopsie. Chukkan Nishad went missing in 2007 and was later found murdered. His body was suppose to be DNA tested but one thing lead to another and he was put in a body bag and left on the roof. Police will return his bones to the family after they finish the appropriate paperwork. Hmm, why bother?

Psst Mr Nihad’s murder is now a cold case.


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