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Worst Excuse For Keeping A Corpse

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I’m not eating THAT!!!

OK loons, fulfilling your dead hubby’s wish is one thing but keeping his corpse for 9 months is a tad extreme. The 88 year old told authorities that her husband wanted his body eaten by birds so everyday she would open the windows and doors but evidently the birds only got as far as the aircon. Police suspect she was telling whoppers because she had sprinkled lime around the corpse and was still cashing in his retirement checks.


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Easter Surprise

coughYou know what I hate? When you go on a Easter egg hunt and you find a body. I friggin hate that! The mother, who was helping her young son on the hunt for chocolate surprises, stumbled across the body under the deck of her house. The woman said she had been smelling a foul odor for a few days but couldn’t find the source. Happy Easter.


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Sleeping With The Enemy

Body found concealed in false wallRemember that New York schoolteacher who mysteriously disappeared about 28 years ago without a trace? Yeah well, stop looking, she’s been found … wrapped up in a sheet and plastic and concealed in a container in a  false basement wall where she lived with her hubby. Oh give it up Sherlock, hubby can’t be charged, he died last year. The teacher is believed to have died from a whack on the head. Her husband was a main suspect.

Want sauce with that?


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It Was A Good Idea At The Time

OK, so if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Hmm, probably. So if a 800lb man turns up at a crematorium and you dismember him because he can’t fit in the oven, does that make it a crime? Well, technically no, according to police, but if the man’s family haven’t given permission, that’s a license suspension right there!!

Want sauce with that?


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Look Away Sensitive Loons

OMG, this is the worst story I have heard all day. British police believe a frozen body found splattered on a car in London probably dropped from an airplane undercarriage while making its descent. No, I am not making this up. Police think the man may have been a stowaway who froze during the flight then fell out when the landing gear came down.Oh dear, poor thing.


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Fears EastEnders Actress Murdered

Former EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie is feared dead after a headless body was pulled from a canal in London. Her brother has been arrested in connection with her disappearance and police are yet to confirm if the body is that of Ms McCluskie. Friends of the actress organized a massive search after she was reported missing last week. Sad.


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It’s Murder She Wrote

Remember the female body found on the Queen’s Sandringham estate New Years Day, which wasn’t Fergie’s? Well police suspect foul play and are currently scouring cold cases. The body of the woman was found near where the Royal family gather for their Boxing Day shoot. Oo Oh! I hope it wasn’t fowl play, because that wouldn’t be pheasant (sorry, bad joke). Police believe the body could have been there for over four months without being detected.


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Human Torso Found on Route 191

If you happened to have dropped a bag containing a human torso on Route 191 near Paradise Township, the Poconos police may want a word.Hmm, would make for a great country song!


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Christmas Can Sometimes Bring Out The Worst

Saddest Christmas story you will hear all day. A woman from South Carolina has been arrested after it was alleged she killed her friend in Florida and then hid the body under a pile of Christmas presents.Petty White’s crime unraveled when she began using the victim’s ATM cards as she traveled back to South Carolina and she was filmed on surrveillance cameras . Police believe Ms White was intending to rob her friend but at some stage it got ugly. Ho friggin ho!!!


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Death in Custody Bungle

The body of a man who died choking in police custody over 13 years ago has turned up at a mortuary despite family believing he had already been buried.The shock discovery of Christopher Alder’s body has just added to the family’s grief after having unsuccessfully filed a civil suit against the Crown prosecution Service.Following Alder’s death in 1998, 5 policemen went on trial for the unlawful killing of The former paratrooper but they were cleared of all charges. The family later sued the CPS as they believed they were racially discriminated against following Alder’s death and during the trial of the policemen.

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