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Body On Roof Of Truck

A motorist on the I-95 in Fairfax rang police after noticing a body on top of a truck. The tractor-trailer was later stopped by police and sure enough, yep, there was a body on the roof of the truck. So far no one has any explanation about how the body got up there or who it is.

Psst How come it didn’t roll off?


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Woman Wheels Around Body

Honey,sweetie, darl, pushing a rubbish bin around a California neighborhood with a dismembered body in it is gonna attract attention. Carmen Montenegro was arrested after residents noticed the body parts sticking out of the bin as she wheeled it around the streets. A relative of the woman allegedly told news reporters Montenegro had come to the neighborhood  looking for someone to help dispose of it.  No word on who the victim is.

Psst Might be Bernie!


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Little John Doe

Computer generated photo

Last night I was up late watching the news and saw this story, so very sad. The body of a young boy (with piercing blue eyes) believed to between 4-6 was found dumped along a rural road in Maine several days ago but police have failed to identify him. Sadly, no one has reported a child missing fitting his description in or around the area. Despite having a computer generated image of the child screened all around the US no one has come forward. The boy was found wrapped in a green blanket along a dirt driveway. Police are not revealing if the child died from natural causes or was murdered.  RIP little John Doe.

UPDATE : Police have finally made a breakthrough . Little John Doe has been  identified  as 6 year old  Camden Pierce Hughes. His mother Juli McCrery from Irving, Texas, is in custody after allegedly telling police she had  given her son an overdose of cough syrup. The arrest was made after a Massachusetts state trooper spotted a blue Toyota at a rest stop that fitted the description of a car seen near the dirt road just before the body was discovered.

Psst Thanks Psycho watcher, our resident crime blogger, for the heads up.


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Osama’s Bin Buried

Osama Bin Laden needs a sea burial like he needs a hole in his head! Yep, Osama  is swimming with the fishes after being given a waterboarding  burial.In accordance with Islamic tradition they had 24 hours to bury the  terrorist so not wanting his burial place to become a shrine the US forces decided to dump him in the ocean. Fish fodder… how fitting but how scary. I can’t see the Islamic world taking to kindly to this.


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Didn’t Look Very Hard!

Ewh, a woman who bought a new apartment in Portugal got a nasty surprise when she discovered the corpse of the previous owner and her dog rotting on the kitchen floor (well, probably no longer rotting). The property was auctioned off recently after the elderly owner, Augusta Martinho, apparently disappeared in 2002. When the excited new owner entered the property for the first time, voila, there were  the bodies. Hmm, sweet dreams.

Want sauce with that?


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To Bury Or Not To Bury

OMG No! The embalmed body of Lenin, which lies on public display in Red Square, looks like it is heading 6ft under. The pro-Kremlin United Russia party may seal the fate of Lenin, after they sponsored a poll which asks the Russian people whether they should bury the bastard Lenin or not. You can cast your vote here Ruskies.

Psst I traveled to Russia from China during their Civil War in the early nineties and when I finally got to Moscow,  Red Square was friggin closed and I couldn’t  get to see Lenin’s body. Sheez, I wanted to compare his decaying bod to that of Chairman Mao’s.



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Dead Nun In A Tool Shed

OK Loons you might want to whack on your deerstalkers, the body of a nun has been found in a tool shed at a Buddhist temple in California. Police say no one filed a  missing persons report because they all  thought she had simply left, despite the fact all her personal belongings were still at the temple. It is believed the nun has been missing since May. Hmm, maybe she was tinkering with someone something ?


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Sea Burial Fail

You know what I hate? When you honor a man’s wishes by burying him at sea, only for his body to resurface the following day and inadvertently cause a homicide investigation. I really friggin hate that! Seems like there may have been some burial at sea violations when the family farewelled Daniel Lasky 4  miles off the coast of Port Everglades. Despite being weighted down, Lasky’s body resurfaced the next day scaring the crap out of a fisherman who contacted police. Authorities are investigating why the body didn’t sink!


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Grisly Find On Airplane Wheels

Ewh ah, maintenance crews in Riyadh got an unpleasant surprise when they found remains of a body on the rear tires (tyres) of an Saudi Arabia airplane. Sheez, pity the fool who gets to scrape him off. The plane in question took off from Beirut where several passengers claimed they saw a man with a backpack running on the tarmac before it took off. Hmm, I guess that explains the bumpy take-off then?


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Might Want To Give The Couch A Dry Clean!

Ewh, ewh, ewh, a man in England had been keeping his dead girlfriend on his couch for 10 months, controlling the stench with air fresheners. Gabriel Brown, who is also now deceased , was arrested for the murder of Lynn Warman, but claimed he was too grief stricken to ring police when he found her dead and so just used air fresheners to cover the odor of the rotting corpse.  Mr Brown died while out on bail . The coroner was unable to determine Ms Warman’s cause of death .


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