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Anyone Missing A Boeing 737?

Conspiracy Theorists don your deerstalkers we have a mystery. Seems there is a Boeing 737 plane sitting in a gated and guarded property on the Bukit Penisula in Bali, Indonesia. No one seems to know how it got there or even when. It is in a little quarry just minding its own beeswax. Thought loons?


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That’s An Expensive Trip!

Excuse me Captain why are there two fighter jets at my window? Hmm, who was playing with the cockpit transponder frequency ? Fighter Jets were scrambled after they were  notified of a possible hijacking of an American Airlines after a cockpit hijacking alarm was tripped. The Boeing 737 with 154 people aboard was escorted to a remote area of the Miami International before being cleared.You wouldn’t think it would be that easy to trip the switch!

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