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Honey, Why Do My Undies Smell Like Jet Fuel?

I wouldn't if I were....

Hmm, I don’t know people, sure it’s great the fully loaded Boeing 777 plane landed safely after an emergency landing but did they have to dump thousands of gallons of fuel over Somerset County? The plane, with 275 people aboard, struck hydraulics trouble soon after take-off from Newark Airport and decided to circle over Somerset County and dump it’s fuel to make it safer to land. Despite the fuel being released in a mist form the stench was pretty damn obvious. Oh and yeah, Aviation officials said it shouldn’t cause a health hazard!


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Look, Up in The Sky

Tailcone falls  from a Delta Airlines plane and lands on lawn

Honey, did you put that monstrosity on my lawn?

On come on people you should be grateful it wasn’t the whole friggin plane! An 20lb engine tail cone fell off a Delta Airlines jet soon after take off, sending it plummeting thousands of feet straight onto a Long Island resident’s lawn. Brilliant. Oh and don’t worry about the Boeing 777, aviation officials said the plane didn’t need the part to fly anyways. Hmm?

Psst Not even the pilot noticed the friggin exhaust cone had fallen off!!! Hmm, probably sleeping or playing on his laptop.


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